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C-RED 3 is an uncooled, compact, and cost-optimized VGA (640×512) InGaAs camera which offers high imaging performances for short exposure time imaging.
Numerous applications of Short Wave Infra-Red (SWIR) imaging require short exposure times, typically below 10 ms. But potential users may be anxious at the idea of using an uncooled camera…

In our FOCUS ON, you will first understand the effects of temperature on the QE, the sensor dynamics, and the total noise. you will also be able to determine whether you need to stabilize your camera, or switch to a cooled camera, depending on your application. Finally you will also understand the multiple on-the-fly corrections offered by C-RED 3.

C-RED 3 is a low SWaP camera designed for high flux short wave infrared applications. Compared to similar cameras, C-RED 3 is the fastest of its kind and runs at 600 FPS in full frame. The absence of cooling system makes it one of the most compact high-performance SWIR cameras available on the market.
C-RED 3 opens new opportunities for industrial and scientific applications.
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