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Technology in the space industry is rapidly and continuously evolving, encouraging the emergence of new applications. New space companies have focused on reducing the cost of access to space and encouraged innovative companies that offer unique solutions for space-related challenges. Space exploration or debris cleanup, satellite communications, earth observation and remote sensing, among others, are examples of new space applications, revolutionizing the space industry.

With over 10 years of expertise as a specialist in scientific visible and infrared cameras for wavefront sensing and astronomy, and in response to the increasing demand for New Space applications, First Light Imaging is launching its latest innovation: off-the-shelf and customizable high speed low noise SWIR (short wave infrared) camera solutions for New Space optical payloads.

C-RED New Space camera core with removable mechanical support

C-RED New Space: the SWIR camera core can be provided with a structure for boards protection

C-RED New Space camera core

Planet. © Alex Myers.


Designed for space optical payloads, C-RED New Space is a high speed low noise SWIR camera core designed to maintain optical performance and support extreme conditions of space operations.


From space to ground or ground to space, First Light Imaging’s cameras will offer you the best performance possible for SWIR or visible imaging.