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🦋 Ready to celebrate spring with us? Let’s dive into the enchanting world of butterflies! 🦋

Discover the intricate beauty of butterfly wings with the revolutionary technology of C-BLUE One UV, our global shutter CMOS camera.

Unlike humans, butterflies can perceive ultraviolet light, influencing their behavior and ecology. By capturing UV reflectance patterns on butterfly wings, we unlock insights into their lives, from communication, mate selection, to environmental adaptation. Additionally, environmental conditions shape UV reflectance, highlighting the connection between butterflies and their habitats. By delving into these nuances, we not only expand our knowledge of butterfly biology but also support conservation efforts by identifying quality habitats and assessing ecosystem health.

UV imaging is a powerful tool for unraveling the mysteries of butterfly ecology and evolution, supporting scientific research and conservation initiatives.

Contact us to learn more about C-BLUE One UV and join us in exploring the wonders of nature ! 🦋

A special thanks to CERCO (Remy Charavel) for the UV lens, and to Isaure de kernier for her work ! 😊