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One of the principle advantages of using SWIR technology for Safety or Surveillance applications, is the ability of SWIR cameras to “see through”. See through smoke, haze, mist, fog and other challenging atmospheric conditions. A significant improvement of contrast compared to visible range images can be observed. Furthermore, our SWIR cameras offer high sensitivity in low light environment, allowing night vision, for example.

Images in the visible and SWIR (900 – 1700 nm) range of a foggy countryside view. In the SWIR range, you can see “through” the fog and see the trees a couple of hundred meters further than in the visible range. Camera used: C-RED 3 with SWIR lens 16 mm, uncooled, non-stabilized, low gain.

Night vision in the SWIR range. Imaging of a boat in a swimming pool, by a moonless night. Camera used: C-RED 2 with SWIR lens 16 mm, cooled down to -15°C, High gain.

For surveillance applications, we recommend the C-RED 2 and C-RED 3 cameras. Optimized performances are possible with the High Dynamic Range (HDR) feature.

C-RED 3 compactness and low weight opens perspectives to embark it on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicule (UAV) / drone. Remember that C-RED 3 and C-RED 2 can be run on a Jetson platform and power supplied from a portable battery.


    • Our clients’ applications include:
  • Night vision
  • Maritime surveillance [check out our videos on our Youtube channel]
  • Long range tracking
  • Cloud and smoke penetration
  • Detection of forest fires
  • Drone-embedded surveillance

First Light Imaging’s cameras, from visible to short wave infrared, offer incredible possibilities in various fields. With high sensitivity, high speed, high resolution, get the maximum performance for your application.