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HOW TO? Understand global shutter

C-BLUE One is a high performance scientific CMOS camera. The 1608-by-1104 pixels sensor can be run at 662 FPS in full frame. To ensure the lowest latency, the camera uses CoaXPress 2.0 cables. A key feature of the camera to enable artefact-free acquisitions in dynamic imaging is the global shutter mode. Read the How To!

HOW TO? Set up a frame grabber

This How To document is a tutorial explaining how to set up a frame grabber. In this tutorial, we will use a C-RED 3 high speed InGaAs camera and a MATROX eV-CL grabber.   Read the How To!

HOW TO? Import RAW image

The purpose of this note is to provide an easy way to reload the raw images acquired with the C-RED 2, C-RED 2 ER, C-RED 2 Lite or C-RED 3 demo software. The process to save raw images is described in the camera Demo Software User Manual. Read the How To!

HOW TO? Use the HDR mode

The purpose of this How To document is to explain the operation of the HDR mode on a C-RED 2 / C-RED 2 Lite / C-RED 3 scientific camera. Main blocs of HDR will be explained and the mode will be described step by step. Read the How To!

HOW TO? Use the camera server

C-RED 2 / C-RED 2 ER (FW 5.0.5) and C-RED 2 Lite / C-RED 3 (FW 1.3.1) firmware updates embed a HTTP server allowing to control the cameras with a web browser. Read the How To!