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Imaging has long been used in industrial processes to measure, monitor, control or otherwise manage the production of goods. The challenge is to capture vivid and measurable contrast of the monitored objects’ characteristics.

Machine vision is well spread in the visible range, as an alternative to human monitoring. The Short Wave Infrared band is becoming a strong alternative as it enables to see more…

SWIR provides highly contrasted images that enable the differentiation of materials or the identification of defects. Additionally, SWIR cameras can see through coatings or containers that are opaque to the eye. They enable visualization of underlying features such as fill levels, anticounterfeiting security codes, or hidden moisture while using machine vision standard glass optics.

Images in the visible and SWIR (900 – 1700 nm) range of black beans polluted by a plastic fly and a few square cardboard pieces. Note how SWIR immediately highlights the intruding elements! Camera used: high speed SWIR camera C-RED 3 with SWIR lens 16 mm, uncooled, non-stabilized, low gain.

Images in the visible and SWIR (900-1700 nm) of two apples. In the visible range, apples look fresh, no bruises are visible. In the SWIR range, bruises are visible which enables sorting. Camera used: high speed SWIR camera C-RED 3 with SWIR lens 16 mm, uncooled, non-stabilized, low gain.

For industrial applications, that require compact, robust and low SWaP machine vision tools, First Light Imaging has developed the C-RED 3 camera. Benefiting from the legacy of our range of scientific cameras, C-RED 3 offers unprecedented performance for machine vision application.


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