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C-RED 2 ER is a highly sensitive extended short wave infrared (1300 nm – 2200 nm) camera.
It is based on a VGA (640×512 pixels) ER-InGaAs detector array and offers framerates up to 600 Hz. This camera is a real breakthrough, as it is the only one with such technology on the market. It opens new imaging and sensing opportunities for life science, defense, laser measurements, and industrial applications.

Why choose C-RED 2 ER?

  • Extended SWIR range. C-RED 2 ER is sensitive in the spectral range of 1200 to 2150 nm, which constitutes a shift compared to standard InGaAs based detectors. This enables C-RED 2 ER to target new applications!
  • Specific factory-built correction map. The defects on the sensor, specific to extended range detectors, are corrected on-the-fly, offering very high image quality. The correction file is built by First Light Imaging.
  • On-the-fly corrections. In addition to the factory-built correction map, bad pixel correction and a two-point Non-Uniformity Correction (bias and gain) can be applied in real-time.
  • Easy integration. The camera can be easily integrated in a system thanks to the mechanical interfaces on each side, and has a C-mount optical interface. C-RED 2 ER is supported by our software First Light Vision. Additionally, thanks to a versatile SDK, the camera can be interfaced with MatLab, LabView etc.

C-RED 2 ER is complementary to C-RED 2 in terms of sensitivity as it covers the high end of the SWIR spectrum.

C-RED 2 ER is integrated in First Light Vision, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) developed for all C-RED and C-BLUE cameras. It is compatible with both USB and CL interfaces.
C-RED 2 ER opens new perspectives in applications that require the detection of light with wavelengths further than the 1700 nm limit of standard InGaAs:
  • Life science and medical
  • Defense, surveillance and security
  • Free space optics (FSO)
  • Thermography
  • Agriculture and Food inspection
  • Laser and LiDAR applications
  • and many more…
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