Meet our Team at VISION in Stuttgart from Nov. 6 to 8, 2018 on booth 1A72.7, and let us introduce C-RED 3, our High Performance TECless VGA InGaAs camera

Exclusively for VISION Stuttgart, discover our latest SWIR (0.9 to 1.7 µm) TECless camera specially designed for industrial applications.

  • 600 FPS full frame
  • < 50 electrons RON
  • VGA 15 μm pixels detector for high resolution
  • Electronic shutter <1 μs
  • Perfect for short exposure imaging.
  • Camera Link or USB3
  • Compact and low cost

Visit Booth 1A72.7 to discover live demonstrations and enjoy C-RED 3’s early bird prices.

To set up a meeting, please contact us at 

With C-RED 3, First Light Imaging expands its C-RED cameras family, offering a solution for each of your SWIR imaging needs.
Also showcased during VISION, C-RED 2, our high speed, low-noise InGaAs 640 x 512 SWIR camera offering breakthrough performances: 600 FPS full frame and below 30 electrons RON, for all your scientific, industrial or biomedical demanding applications

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