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This is it! Our new proprietary SDK is out!

This unique SDK will allow you to control and manage your First Light cameras: currently working with C-RED 2 and C-RED 3, and very soon for C-RED One.

Here are the prominent features of our  SDK:

  • Compatibility:

Windows 10 64bits (x86-64)
– Camera Link interface with frame grabber from EDT/Matrox/Sapera
– USB interface
Linux Ubuntu 16.04LTS 64bits (x86-64):
– Camera Link interface with frame grabber from EDT/Matrox
– USB interface

  • Programing language: C/C++/Python (Windows + Linux)
  • Software interface: LabVIEW (Windows only)
  • Plug-in for MicroManager (Windows + Linux)
  • A unique SDK for all cameras
  • A unique SDK for all supported grabbers

In order to enjoy this new SDK and its Demo GUI, please connect to your library on FLI’s website and download the SDK with all the redistributables, and the User Manual.


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