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Meet our team at SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation in Montreal from July 19 to 21, 2022 on booth 215!

Don’t miss our experts talks and posters, and our live demonstrations:

C-BLUE 3 PC: a photon counting multimegapixel visible CMOS camera
by Dr. Jean-Luc GACH (First Light Imaging)
Session 11: Visible Sensors II – [12191-46] – July 19, 4PM to 4.20 PM – Room 519b

Last performances improvement of the C-RED One camera using the 320×256 e-APD infrared Saphira detector
by Dr. Philippe FEAUTRIER (First Light Imaging)
Session P3: Posters – Technologies – [12183-90] – July 19, 6PM to 8PM – Room 516

Sub-electron noise infrared camera development using Leonardo large format 2Kx2K SWIR APD array
by Dr. Philippe FEAUTRIER (First Light Imaging)
Session 16: Infrared Detectors III – [ 12191-58] – July 20, 3.50PM to 4.10PM – Room 519b

C-RED 2 ER: high speed extended InGaAs cameras for infrared imaging
by Dr. Isaure DE KERNIER (First Light Imaging)
Session PS3: Posters – [12191-92] – July 20, 6PM to 8PM – Room 516

C-BLUE One: a family of CMOS high speed cameras for wavefront sensing
by Dr. Jean-Luc GACH (First Light Imaging)
Session 31: Detectors and Cameras for Wavefront Sensing – [ 12185-95] – July 21, 5.15PM to 5.30 PM – Room 518a


Discover live demos of:

C-BLUE One, our ultra-high performance global shutter CMOS scientific camera with GigE Vision interface. Now available in 10Gb Ethernet / Fiber.
C-RED 2, our cooled InGaAs VGA camera for high performance SWIR imaging. With its versatile design, C-RED 2 offers endless possibilities at all exposure times.

We are delighted to meet you again and look forward to sharing all our latest news.
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