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At the occasion of the Euronaval show in October 2020 (time flies!), the C-RED 2 camera from First Light Imaging was one of the state-of-the-art technologies selected for i-Naval, the defense naval innovation from the French Ministry of Defense. i-Naval is a complete immersive and interactive experience showing innovative solutions in naval defense.

In this experience, C-RED 2 was used to detect suspicious events or objects in very low light and complex weather conditions, where a visible camera would be blind.
To enable on-site use, for ship-borne or even drone-borne surveillance, C-RED 2 can be powered with an external battery. Here the set-up was completely autonomous in energy, and portable.

C-RED 2 is an ultra sensitive 640×512 SWIR InGaAs camera able to capture up to 600 frames per second. Perfect for very low light and very complex environments, C-RED 2 is an asset for sensitive applications such as:  Defense and security, maritime surveillance, military.
Again, a huge thank you to DGA Techniques Navales for having chosen First Light Imaging as a partner. 


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