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Today is a big day: First Light Imaging is entering into the CMOS world with C-BLUE One, our new visible camera.

C-BLUE One (formerly introduced as C-MORE) is a ultra-high performance scientific CMOS camera which features a 1608×1104 Monochrome CMOS sensor offering 660 FPS frame rate, GLOBAL SHUTTER, and <3 electrons RON simultaneously.

C-BLUE One offers essential functionalities for scientific applications, such as sensor cooling, external triggering, variable digitization depth, variable gain, HDR, increased frame rate with ROI, and many more…
The camera uses CXP 2.0 to transfer the huge amount of data generated each second to ensure the lowest latency and highest real time capability.

Originally developed for laser guide star (LGS) wavefront sensing in Astronomy, C-BLUE One is the right answer for all the most demanding applications where high speed imaging is needed, with low noise and global shutter architecture at the same time.

Example of applications: 

Adaptive Optics
Solar astronomy
Quantum Imaging
Cold atom Imaging

Space Debris Tracking
AO assisted Satellite tracking
Ground based Space
situational awareness

Fluorescence microscopy
Single molecule detection
Live-cell microscopy

Enjoy C-BLUE One’s first light:

Download our datasheet for more information