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The HS2I project (High Speed Hyper Spectral Imaging) is the development of a very high speed hyperspectral imaging system for agri-food industries. At First Light Imaging, we are proud to carry this project with our partners Photon Lines and Geldelis.

Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) offers a contact-less, non-destructive, and fast solution to analyze or sort objects, however, most hyperspectral systems lack the speed to comply with the dimensions and speeds of conveyors used in industrial production lines. It is becoming crucial to increase the acquisition speed of hyperspectral imagers to meet productivity requirements.  The objective of the HS2I project is to combine HSI with high-speed imaging (over 1000 fps) to answer the need of quality and performance of agri-food industries.

The system, called eyeSPID, is already available in its visible range version, and will be soon available for short wave infrared imaging. Adding a spectral dimension to conventional imaging on the fly, at very high frame rates, in a reliable and fully automatic food monitoring system, will help agri-food industries optimize their quality and productivity.

Pictures: on the left, a test bench for eyeSPID camera (on top of the conveyor) – on the right, a conveyor belt for pastry manufacturing.

The project was awarded with an European Union H2020 (Grant Agreement 824769) funding through the S3FOOD program for agri-food industries digitalization. It is supported by Bretagne Developpement Innovation and the agri-food french cluster Valorial.

More information on Photon Lines’ website, and S3FOOD website