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We are pleased to inform you that we have launched our new Graphical User Interface (GUI): First Light Vision

This unique GUI will allow you to control and manage all your C-RED cameras simultaneously (our future cameras will also be compatible). All the display is user friendly and customizable: you can create your own favorite environment in no time.

To know more, discover First Light Vision ‘s interface with this video:

Among the many benefits of using First Light Vision:

  • Auto-detection of cameras
  • Multi-cameras: you can switch from one camera to another, and your customized GUI environment adjusts instantly.
  • Easy image displaying: zoom, rotations…
  • Easy real time image processing: smooth, sharpen, CLAHE*, denoising, accumulation
  • Easy plugin integration: additional frame grabber, additional saving format, extra windows…
  • Many recording formats for images and videos: RAW, FLF, TIFF, AVI, FITS, HDF5
  • 3 operating modes: Full, Grab Only and Configuration only
  • Improved Bad Pixel editor
  • DIRECT RECORD: Continuous recording function on the hard disk, with maximum frame rate automatic calculation
  • Heavy calculation on GPU for image cubes: improved GUI reactivity performance
 * CLAHE : contrast limited adaptive histogram equalization



First Light Vision runs under Windows or Linux.

In order to enjoy First Light Vision GUI, please connect to your library on FLI’s website to download the GUI and its User/Installation Manuals.
If you are not registered yet on our website, please create your account

We hope you will enjoy a new user experience playing with First Light Vision.