All our team is happy to announce that First Light Vision 2.0, our fully redesigned Graphical User Interface, is ready to use!

First Light Vision 2.0 offers a brand-new user friendly interface for an enjoyable experience:

  • Ergonomic control interface,
  • Easy shortcuts for faster operation,
  • Image display optimization,
  • A flexible general design to fit every screen size,

Spoiler alert: you will love it!

In addition, we have launched a new Software Development Kit (Fli SDK) which now supports all our latest cameras (C-RED 2 ER, C-RED 2 Lite…), new grabbers, and adds functions to MatLab and Python wrappers.

In order to enjoy First Light Vision 2.0  GUI and Fli SDK , please connect to your library and download the GUI, the SDK and the associated User/Installation Manuals and release notes.
If you are not registered yet on our website, please create your account.

And of course, feel free to contact our team if you have any question or request!


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