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We are delighted to announce that we are the official sponsor of the AMS Croix Blanche for its participation in the Chestnut Regatta on November 18, 2023 !

👉 The Chestnut Regatta

Ready to welcome autumn ? The Chestnut Regatta is a traditional fall event steeped in tradition, where contestants meet in a warm and convivial atmosphere, where festivity takes center stage. All the festivities revolve around chestnuts and, once the regatta is over, participants can enjoy chestnuts in front of an open fire with all the other participants.
This event marks the start of the winter regatta season.

👉 La Croix Blanche at the Chestnut Regatta

La Croix Blanche is a National Federation specializing in first aid, operating with the help of volunteers and dedicated healthcare professionals, and located in France. Its main objective is to provide assistance and relief in various emergency situations, public health crises, natural disasters and medical needs. A particularity of the association is the establishment of courses taught by first aid trainers, allowing volunteers to assist injured or sick people while waiting for the intervention of a doctor.

The organization relies on donations and dedicated financial support to carry out its missions and maintain its presence in various regions.

At First Light Imaging, we rely on the AMS Croix Blanche in Marseille to train our volunteer collaborators, which is why we will be happy to proudly support and sponsor them during this regatta.

Go AMS Croix Blanche!