We are pleased to announce a new feature for our latest CMOS camera C-BLUE One.

C-BLUE One is a flexible solution for multiple applications. Already available in 1.7MP resolution, the camera can be tailored to be the best pixel size, resolution, and frame rate compromise for your use case:
• C-BLUE One 1.7MP: based on a full resolution 1608 x 1104 (1.7 MP) CMOS sensor with 9μm pixel pitch, the camera offers 662 frames per second (FPS) in full frame in 8 bits.
• C-BLUE One 0.5MP: an optimized frame rate of 1594 FPS full frame in 8 bits, with this camera based on an 812 x 612 (0.5 MP) CMOS sensor with 9μm pixel pitch.
• C-BLUE One 7.0MP: a 3208 x 2200 (7 MP) CMOS sensor with 4.5μm pixel pitch when resolution matters, and a frame rate of 207 FPS full frame in 8 bits.

In addition, all C-BLUE One cameras offer a very low readout noise under 3e- enabling imaging in ultra-low light conditions, simultaneously with a global shutter architecture.
This combination of high speed, sensitivity and global shutter makes the C-BLUE One cameras a game changer for fast scientific imaging, allowing the acquisition of motion artefact free images, combining high temporal resolution and high sensitivity.

Discover our datasheet and the incredible performances of the C-BLUE One camera.


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