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GigE Vision standard

We are thrilled to announce that our C-BLUE One CMOS camera is now compliant with 10 GigE Vision standard and compatible with the GenICam interface. This offers a whole range of benefits: fast image transfer, low latency and the opportunity to use longer cable lengths.

C-BLUE One is a global shutter high performance CMOS camera. In addition to the CoaXPress 2.0 output, C-BLUE One can now be used with 10Gb Ethernet or optical fiber outputs, with all the advantages of a simple and robust interface !

In order to enjoy the 10Gb interface, C-BLUE One needs to be equipped with spare accessories. For more simplicity, First Light Imaging now offers for sale a complete kit including:

  • 2 SFP Modules
  • A network interface controller
  • An Ethernet or Fiber-optic cables of 10m length
  • An activation dongle with the GigE Vision license

For more information or to request a quote, please contact us